Quick F21 Haul!

I have a shopping problem… There, I said it.

I always seem to find myself shopping without even wanting to, I leave my house to run errands and somehow I end up buying stuff that I shouldn’t have! On my recent trip to the mall I was going to Forever 21 to find a choker (that I actually needed) but somehow I ended up with new dress, pins and NO CHOKER. For some reason I can’t contain myself from wandering around a clothing store (or any store) and finding things I didn’t know I needed!


A couple days before this event, I was at work and if you’re not familiar with what I do; I’m a graphic designer and I’m currently interning at 4th & Rose, a clothing company. Anyway, I was at work and I needed to place a graphic on a dress so I went to the F21 website and found “the cutest dress my eyes have ever seen”. I was really close to order it online because I really fell in love with it but I had to convince myself that I didn’t needed it.

So going back to my story about F21, since I didn’t find the choker I wanted I  decided I would at least look around because I already took the trip to the mall. Next thing you know.. I found the dress!! I couldn’t pass on it to be honest, I’ve been wanting a white dress so bad especially for summer. This is one of a kinda I gotta say, it’s got a really nice cutout on the neck and I think it’s just so pretty!


Also, I’ve really been wanting to get patches for my jackets since it seems to be trendy everywhere but I can never find any cute ones or affordable ones. So for now, the pins will do!I think I might like them a little bit better than patches since you can take them off as you please and you’re not really “committing”



I think they’re really cute and I can’t wait to style them with my denim jacket!




Pin Set 





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