Essential Oils

I’m always looking for an alternative to ease my symptoms without taking too many pills which is why I usually tend to lean towards essential oils.

Whether I want to relax, ease my migraine, de-stress or just simply want my house to smell nice, Essential Oils are amazing!

Lavender is my all time favorite scent, color and flavor! I love lavender literally in every aspect of it!  I like how it makes my room feel, whenever I feel the stress or anxiety kicking in I set up my diffuser and voilà!


If I’m using these oils to make a room smell nice, my favorite way of doing so is with an oil diffuser and/or an oil burner. The oil diffuser is more of an intense smell, and a little goes a long way, so be careful. (I accidentally put too much Sandalwood oil in mine and end up smelling way too much) So definitely just 2-3 drops in the oil diffuser!



Another way of using them direct on your body is getting one drop, distribute it between your two index fingers and rubbing it on the back of your ears, temples and back of your neck. Mixing lavender oil with water in a spritz bottle is also a great alternative!

The Sandalwood oil I think is better to just simply make the room smell nice (I have yet to google the benefits of this guy) since it’s got a feminine perfume scent to it I definitely do not recommend for guys (sorry!)


I wanna thank New York Biology for sending me these oils, I love their products and their amazing quality!


Essential Oils:

Oil Burner:

Oil Diffuser(I got this exact one from Marshalls so I definitely recommend checking it out there if you don’t wanna spend over $30 in one):

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