Soniclear Elite by Michael Todd

Hey guys! Long time no read… I wanted to take some time off my busy schedule to talk to you about this amazing tool! 

Many of you may be familiar with these face brush cleansers that are basically all over Youtube’s morning/night routine videos. I wanted to get one so bad for the longest time but I have very sensitive skin and I usually don’t do well with these tools.

I’ve never had a good relationship with my skin, I don’t know why but every time I try a new face wash, moisturizer or foundation my skin will have this intense reaction where I would get bumps immediately and usually they go away after my skin gets used to the new product (Sometimes it never gets used to it at all). I got to be honest and say that when I received this I was a little skeptical because I thought it would be too harsh on my face and it will get irritated.

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 10.27.14 AM.png

Lucky for me, this was not the case and I was so happy with my skin’s amazing reaction to this brush! My face feels so incredibly soft and velvety, moisturizer and foundation glides on so smoothly and I can tell my skin feels and looks healthy!

This is such an easy way to step up your skincare routine and ever since I got this brush I’ve been more invested in knowing about skin care. The brush comes with different interchangeable heads and all of them have this antimicrobial technology that keeps them clean and germ free! The Face Brush is amazing and I use it every night to really get off all the makeup. The Lush Cashmere Brush is for extremely sensitive skin (which I use when I feel like the regular brush is being too harsh on my skin). A Body Brush to use with your shower gel, also an Infuser Head which you would use to apply any moisturizers and oils into your face and make sure they get really absorbed. The biggest surprise for me is that it also comes with a PEDI stainless steel textured smoothing disc for your feet!

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 10.27.22 AM.png

You really get your money’s worth with this product!

If you’re interested in getting one (which I highly recommend investing in one) you can get it on their website:

or also I saw that they sell it at Ulta!

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 10.27.05 AM.png

I think Michael Todd made an amazing job with this guy and again, my skin has seriously never felt this good before!

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