My February Ipsy Bag!


I’m doing this new thing where I will feature my monthly subscription Ipsy Bag for you guys to see what I get and hopefully it will help people who are still deciding whether it’s worth it or not.

I personally subscribed to Ipsy because its one of the most affordable subscriptions out there! Being in college and having to pay for many monthly things (Spotify, Hulu, Netflix, Adobe, etc) can easily add up! This is why I decided to join Ipsy. I definitely think that no matter what you get in your bag every month, it’s value is always more than $10 which is what it costs.

Now, I gotta be honest… there are times where I don’t like most of the items I get in my Ipsy bag but the months that I get pretty cool stuff definitely makes up for it!

This is what I got for the month of February:

 Rosa Noir Hand & Body Milk: If there’s something that you should know about me is that I’m obsessed with hand lotion. Seriously, I have a large collection and you will never find me without some in my purse. So I’m really happy I got this in my bag, hand lotion is always welcomed! The scent is a little too sweet for my liking but I will for sure still use it anyway.


Elizabeth Mott Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer: This was one of the things that definitely disappointed me this month, the size of this bronzer is definitely way to small and I can already see myself struggling to get it all over a big bronzing brush. I’m going to use is as an eyeshadow instead! This would be a really pretty everyday crease shade, will definitely bring a little “something” to your eyes without being too much (which btw is one of my favorite looks)!

 Nyx Butter Lipstick in Lifeguard: I love NYX cosmetics and I also really like their butter lipsticks! I’m still deciding if I like this particular shade or not, it’s a really pretty color but being a butter lipstick they don’t have a full coverage so for me it looks like “you were wearing some red lipstick 5 hours ago and it’s time to reapply” even-though you just put it on. I should try experimenting more with this but I definitely would’ve appreciated a more neutral shade!

 Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in $12 Latte: Nail polish is always welcomed in my life. I do my own nails all the time but I constantly struggle with chipping. Even OPI and other nicer brands would chip on me so we’ll see about this one!

 Luxie Rose Gold Blush Brush 514: This brush is sooo soft. I’m definitely a makeup brush hoarder so this definitely was one of my fav items! Not sure if I’m going to end up using as a blush brush since I like my blush brushes to be completely round but I will definitely find a new use for this one. (If you have any suggestions on how to use this one let me know)

And that concludes my Ipsy bag haul! This month was OK, I was really excited to get the brush and hand lotion. The rest was meh… something that I recently discovered about Ipsy is that you can go on their website and review the items you got so they can make sure you only get items you love! The more feedback you give them the better your Ipsy bag will get!

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