The weather is starting to look a lot more promising in Los Angeles. Winter definitely hit us hard this year, it’s been raining like never and I’m starting to forget the last time I saw a clear blue sky. Last week we had a couple days where we were able to soak the sun just for a couple hours so I decided to take advantage.

– Don’t forget that I always have the shopping links at the end of the post! –

This first outfit is very simple but I just wanted an excuse to wear a dress! I decided to go with a casual tshirt + slip dress combo. Some ankle boots and my favorite purse of the moment. I found this purse at TJ Maxx last week, it’s from the brand Elaine Turner. I wasn’t able to find the exact same one online since its probably is from a past collection but I featured links for some similar ones. This slip dress is from H&M and I found it at a thrift store called Buffalo Exchange (AKA mi favorite place) I know they have several locations across the U.S. I really recommend checking it out, you might be living close to one and you didn’t know! The boots are from Forever21 and they were part of their fall line, but any Chelsea Boots will work!

The second outfit is definitely more casual but I featured my current favorite thrift find (also from Buffalo Exchange) It’s a vintage button up velvet shirt from DKNY! I decided to keep the “vintage” style and wore it with some mom jeans from Forever21 that I got last summer. A red bandana tied around my neck for a pop of color and some loafer slip ons! Once again, I wore my favorite current purse, I really wasn’t kidding when I said I was obsessed, it really is gorgeous and I wear it everyday!

Since the shirt is a vintage piece I tried to feature some similar ones, I had a hard time finding button up velvet shirts but I found some affordable alternatives for velvet tops that I would’ve totally worn with this outfit!


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