The trendiest wide-hip hack!

I never in a million years would have though that I would end up with this in my closet

Definitely has a lot to do with the fact that 70s fashion is making a comeback. But I was never the person to like wide or flare jeans. I have heard and read multiple times that what best flatters my body type (wide hips) are flare jeans. Since I have wide hips then having something wide on the bottom as well balances out and gives the effect of a slimmer figure. But up until probably last year, flare jeans were so out of trend! I mean you would never catch me in anything other than skinny jeans.

I vividly remember telling my boyfriend last November as I was walking out of Uniqlo with my new flare jeans, that I was predicting this trend. I said these jeans were going to be so trendy in 2018 and I couldn’t wait to write a blog post about them the day is finally here!

Somehow culottes, flare jeans and mom jeans took over the entire existence of skinny jeans and boy am I thankful for that! Not to mention that they are the easiest way to make a simple outfit look so freaking stylish! The outfit that I’m featuring in this blog post is the perfect example of how a simple t-shirt and some booties can look completely different if you throw on some flare jeans. Which is so nice because it will most likely go with everything else you own already. You instantly look ten times better and a LOT more trendier!

Hope you guys enjoy this easy styling hack and let me know: Do you own any flare jeans? Would you wear them? I want to know your thoughts!


Nunca me había imaginado que iba a acabar siendo super fan de los pantalones acampanados. Definitivamente tiene mucho que ver el hecho de que todo el estilo de los 70s se esta poniendo de moda. Toda mi vida he escuchado que lo que mas le queda a mi tipo de cuerpo (caderas anchas) son los pantalones acampanados. Como tienen ancho la parte de abajo esto hace que tus caderas se disimulen mas. Pero hasta hace unos meses nunca me cacharías con pantalones que no sean pegados.

Y por alguna razón u otra ahora los pantalones tipo culottes, palazzo y los mom jeans reemplazaron a los skinny jeans. Y estoy taaan agradecida por eso. También cabe mencionar que es la manera mas fácil de hacer un outfit super trendy instantáneamente.

Toma este outfit de ejemplo, lo único que hice fue ponerme una camiseta de algodón super equis, unas botitas pero el hecho de que me puse los pantalones acampanados elevo el estilo a otro nivel. Lo mejor es que probamente las cosas que ya tienes en tu closet se le van a ver increíbles a estos pantalones. De hecho ya compre como 4 pares de estos y planeo en seguir expandiendo mi colección!

Espero les guste es tip y déjenme saber si les gustan esto pantalones? Se los pondrían? O ya tienes unos? Quiero saberlo todo!


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One thought on “The trendiest wide-hip hack!”

  1. Why yes Jonathan, it is a pair of jeans. You see, as a wide hip gal I’ve bought many many pairs of jeans which don’t specifically suit my body type. It took me time and money to realize THIS SPECIFIC pair of jeans that I feature in my post are a hack for wide hip girls. However, I just have to say I don’t see why this would be a concern to you, seems to me by your username and photo that you are a men. Now it all makes sense why you are so confused about my blog post 🙂


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