How I Edit My Instagram Photos

I constantly get asked a lot how I edit my photos, so I’m finally sharing a step-by-step guide! There’s been several times where I find a cute Instagram account and I really want to know how they edit their photos. Not that I’m trying to copy their style or anything but I’m just curious. And I’ve definitely noticed how some people would not share how they edit their photos because of fear that others would start copying them. Well, I don’t believe in that. I will always want to share my secrets and tips with you guys. I’m only here to help you and I don’t see the point of keeping that a secret. So if you ever wondered how I edit my Instagram… today is the day!

About almost two months ago I drastically changed my Instagram “theme” and I am obsessed. I get many DMs asking about what apps I use, what filter I use, etc etc. Same goes before I changed my theme so I am sharing the way I used to edit my IG and how what I’m currently doing with my photos.

How I Currently Edit My Photos

Untitled-1 copyUntitled-1 copyWhat I’m currently dong right now is going to be no surprise… I edit my photos in Lightroom! I am in no way an expert in Lightroom like other bloggers, I actually get a lot of help from my boyfriend who is actually a Lightroom zen master! I don’t know if you guys know this but I actually majored in Graphic Design so I am super familiar with Adobe softwares and have a subscription that I’ve had for many years which includes Lightroom. I know there is an option to pay less than $10 a month here

So as far as filters, I did purchased two from other influencers. The main filter that I use is from Aspyn Ovard and it’s called Dreamy Preset. I use this one for 80% of my photos. I’m actually thinking of buying another one of her presets, the one called Beachy Preset. When I’m not using Aspyn’s I use Lisa Marie Prang’s filter called City Cacti. 

After I apply the filter, I always always always need to do some adjusting. On both presets I always turn off all of the Sharpening and Grain, I personally don’t like them. When I’m using the Dreamy Preset, the main thing I do is turn up the Temp to make it more warm and then I would go to the color editing section and turn down the orange. Aspyn’s preset usually makes my skin look crazy orange tan and if you know me, you know I’m super pale so that is definitely not natural looking! I usually almost always turn up the highlights and that is about it! This one works absolutely perfect for indoor shots, the two examples that I showed above were both shot indoors and the only thing I had to do was turn the Temp higher to make it more warm. When I use City Cacti I usually spend a little more time with editing. They work better with photos that are in a “downtown” “city-esque” environment, even the name says it! This preset makes my photos a lot darker than what they are so they work better for shots taken under the sun. I usually just play with the Light section with this filter, I don’t mess with any of the color. I try to mainly get a natural balance of highlights and shadows.

How I Get the Grainy Filter


This is by far my favorite thing to do to my photos! I did so much research and again, I found that none of the bloggers wanted to share their secret to the grainy filter. I finally found an App that does that and funny enough, I already had that App. I just didn’t know it had a section for grainy filters!

I use the App called Afterlight. After I am done editing in Lightroom, I open my photo in the Afterlight app. On the bottom menu I click on the option pointed below:a.jpg

And then I click on “Dusty” and then I pick the best filter from all that section. I always try them one by one until I find the perfect one. However, my favorite ones are 09, 10, 12 and 13. I almost always end up using one of those. And that’s it! Just slap on that grainy filter and export the photo and the onto Instagram!

How I Used to Edit My Photos

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 1.00.07 AM.jpg

Unfortunately, I do not have any before/after photos for this since I recently cleaned up my Camera Roll but here are some examples that perfectly represent this theme.

This one is definitely a more elaborate way of editing, which is also why I decided to switch to Lightroom. I used the app mentioned above, Afterlight. This time I would import the original image and click on the option pointed below:


Which is the filter section. I did purchased a set of filters in this App, the pack is called Wander and use the filter called Cascade. This one gives SUCH a vintage, 70s vibe, it is so freaking cute and I am obsessed with how it transforms a photo. This filter brings out the warm tones and I love how much it changes the green and blue tones (cool tones).


I wouldn’t use this filter to 100%, I would usually keep it less than 80% because I still do some editing after doing this. After I’m done with adding some of this filter I would export and then open the VSCO App. It’s no surprise everybody loves this editing app, it truly is incredible and will always be one of my faves!

While I love the Cascade filter, it definitely washed out the photos so I would  bring up some of the vibrancy back in VSCO. I would add another filter that I again, purchased, called The Aesthetics Series – A4-A6 and I would only use the filter A6. This one is my favorite to lay over because it will bring out more contrast and highlights while keeping the vintage warm tone vibes.  As you can see from the photo below it still preserved many of the characteristics of the Cascade filter, which is why A6 is the perfect match!IMG_2391.jpeg

And that is that is how I am currently editing my photos and how I used to! I hope you guys enjoyed these tips and gets you inspired to create some cool photos because now you know how to put super cute filters on them!

Thank you so much for reading this post, I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and if you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to help you 🙂

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