New Orleans Trip Roundup

I recently went on a southern road trip with some friends and my boyfriend. The final destination was New Orleans and I’m so excited to share with you guys what I did there!

Last time I went to New Orleans I was 5 years old so I’m pretty sure it doesn’t really count. I’ve always wanted to go back and experience things differently. I’m such a huge fan of the southern culture, jazz music & soul food so it was pretty obvious why I wanted to go so bad.

Unfortunately the day before I headed to New Orleans I had to go to the ER because of some stomach issues which forced me to follow a very clean eating diet. Meaning that I was not able to experience any of the classic N.O. food; no gumbo, no fried stuff and no alcohol. Which is basically all the components that make New Orleans, but still, I had so much fun and can’t wait to visit gain when I’m fully healthy and can dive into all that delciousness.

So without further ado here is a list of things you absolutely have to do while in town:

1. Go on a steam boat

This by far was my favorite experience. I personally went on the Natchez boat which is pretty iconic, was built in the 1940s and has that classic New Orleans style. I paid $34 for a 2 hour boat ride with live jazz music which is not bad at all! It was so much fun, they had bars in every floor, snack bar, amazing views and it’s just such a pretty darn cute boat!Β IMG_3378.jpg

2.Β French Market

This is a great place for good local food and shopping. The first half of the French Market is sort of like a food court/food hall which is great for groups! Like I mentioned, I was sick so my diet was pretty strict but I found a crepe place and my friends definitely enjoyed some Alligator Po’boy. The second half of this market is basically like a flea market where there are different tables with all sorts of souvenirs, accessories, art… literally anything you can image. The amazing thing is that everybody here is local so you are definitely taking a piece of New Orleans with you. My personal favorite was a stand that sells perfume oils. They had several designer oil scents knockoffs but it was a concentrated perfume on a rollerball. I got one called “pink sugar” which is great for the every day, half sweet half fresh and it literally lasts all freaking day and I only paid $12 for it! We also got a small alligator head (yes, real alligator) as home decor and it looks super cute in our apartment!


3. Bourbon Street

I mean, this a no-brainer. If you go to New Orleans you have to go to Bourbon Street, it’s so much fun! I definitely didn’t enjoy Bourbon Street to it’s fullest potential since I couldn’t drink but I still had so much fun, which proves my next point: B.S. is so much fun even when you’re sober so it’s definitely appropriate for anyone who likes to dance, party and people watching! In this case, watching a lot of fun drunk people. I personally loved the hurricane slushies and although I couldn’t drink it I took a few sips from my boyfriend and it tastes just like an Icee.


4. French QuarterΒ 

The French Quarter in general is where we hang out both days, it’s really hard to miss this area since I believe is the heart of downtown New Orleans. But still, if you’re staying somewhere outside the city, just know that you absolutely need to go hang at the French Quarter. I love how everything was so accessible and we didn’t have to uber anywhere while walking around there. It’s a great place with many stores, restaurants, museums, etc.


5. Cafe Amelie

Located in the French Quarter as well. This restaurant was definitely my favorite place that we ate at. One of my friends suggested we went to this place and it was absolutely incredible! The ambiance, the food, the aesthetic. It’s definitely on the pricer side but if you are looking for a fancier place that still holds that New Orleans French essence, this is definitely the place to go!


And that is basically my favorite must-see places! I did go to Cafe Du Monde but to be super honest, it was not worth it for me. Their menu is literally beignets and coffee, and their famous beignets are fried dough with powder sugar which didn’t really have that much flavor. My boyfriend and friends thought it was pretty good but if you are planning to go, I definitely recommend going late at night since they are open 24 hours. We went after our night at Bourbon Street, we walked there which was also super nice, and the line was super short. The next morning we went to the same area and we couldn’t believe how long the line at Cafe Du Monde was, compared to the previous night!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you’re traveling to New Orleans soon I hope you check out at least one of my recommendations.




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