My Southern Road Trip Outfits

I had so much fun coming up for outfits that were cute but also worked for really hot and humid weather while feeling comfortable and most importantly confident!

To be super honest with you guys, I’m not 100% comfortable wearing cheeky shorts or mini skirts. So if you are someone who struggles with this as well I think you will enjoy these outfits that I put together.

You guys know that I love to buy things that are truly affordable, I’m talking about no more than $50 for a piece. Unless I consider it a piece that would last me at least a couple years, there are a few of those in this post. Since I tend to buy things seasonally I don’t like spending so much money on clothes that I’m probably going to be over in two months. For that reason you will find that most of my clothes are from affordable places!

Note: A few of the things I purchased a while ago or some of these pieces like the striped jumpsuit & pants are from Marshall’s (one of my fav places to shop) so I recommend that you visit your local store to find those pieces! I got them two weeks ago so they should def have those items or similar ones!


Jumpsuit (Europe Only) |  Sandals | Handbag | Bralette

Similar jumpsuits:   1 | 2 | 3 | 4



Jumpsuit | Bandana | Shoes | Backpack (Vintage from here)

Similar Tube Top: 1 | 2



Top | Pants | Shoes | Backpack (Vintage from here)



Top is thrifted from the Melrose Trading Post but I recommend checking out or for online vintage clothes!

Pants are from Marshall’s but here are some similars: 1 | 2



Jumpsuit from Marshall’s  but here are similars:  1 | 23

Sandals | Handbag




Happy Shopping!

Xx, Ana

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