Perfect Summer Dress

I found the most perfect, classic white dress and I seriously cannot stop wearing it!

I’m not going to take credit for finding this gem, I actually saw my favorite blogger (Courtney Halverson) wearing it on an IG Post and it was love at first sight. My birthday was around the corner and I decided to treat myself to this beautiful piece and even though it ended up being over $70 after tax, I have absolutely no regrets!

I’ve already worn this dress more than any other I own. I even wore it to a Farmacy Beauty bloggers lunch and I got so many compliments! This dress makes me feel so confident, shapes my body just right. I love how long it is, you don’t ever have to worry about showing your underwear or anything. I also adore how classic and timeless this piece is, fits right into this whole new “minimal style” I’m shifting towards and I know I will continue to wear this for several years!

I’m not saying that you absolutely have to buy this dress, but I highly recommend it. Worth every penny and seriously it’s brought so many compliments from strangers on the street, from fellow fashion bloggers and people on Instagram!

I decided to match the minimal, clean style of the dress and pair it with some super simple black slides, layered gold jewelry and my vintage sunglasses that I got at a thrift store in Atlanta called The Clothing Warehouse.



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