How to: Bold Pants & Minimal Style

One of the things I struggle with the most is incorporating color into my wardrobe.

I’ve never been the one to like bright colors, but someeeetimes I see something colorful that really calls my name, like these pants. But to be super honest, I never know how to wear them and still keep my look minimal. I bought these pants at Target back in February, and this is literally the first time that I’m wearing them. (Which is why I couldn’t like the exact same pants haha they’re kind of old).

I just really couldn’t figure out how to wear them, I put outfits together multiple times and took them with me to take photos but at the end I would hate how the photos turned out because my outfit was all over the place and wasn’t really cute. I feel like I finally figured out what to do: keep it simple.

What ended up working for me is having those pants be the only bold piece of my look. Everything else was white or an off-white color. And I feel like I really nailed it this time! A lot of you guys were commenting on my pants and how much you liked them. I feel like any other top color would’ve made this look shift from being minimal. So now you know it, when in doubt, throw neutrals and let that one bold piece be the center of attention! It will balance the colors and actually make it look minimal and clean.

I decided to throw this fun cross body purse last minute, and I’m still amazed at how great it made this outfit look, it was the missing piece! I’ve been eyeing this purse for a while now, I think it was selling originally for $45 and honestly that is a little too much for what it is. But when I saw they put it on sale I knew it was meant for me to purchase it!


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One thought on “How to: Bold Pants & Minimal Style”

  1. I completely understand your struggle of a bold color but minimal overall aesthetic. But I LOVE the way you pulled off this look. It looks incredible, and the color suits you so well.


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