Wear A Hat, Be Bold!

This outfit started out accidentally, I was having a bad hair day…

And when I’m having one of those, I simply throw a hat on! It’s the easiest way. I used to be the girl who would never wear hats because honestly, it’s a big statement item. If you’re wearing a hat you’re definitely going to stand out and people will notice you. I’ve never seen any of my friends wearing hats, off the top of my head only one friend comes to mind.

But I’ve actually found a new type of confidence and empowerment in wearing a hat. Yes I stand out, but also it makes me look like I take bold fashion choices and I know what I’m doing. (Which I’m not, but no one needs to know, right?). And I’m telling you, every single time I wear a hat I get nothing but compliments!

You guys know me and my minimal style, I had to keep my outfit simple because wearing a hat was already too much going on for me! Plus I wanted the super cute green detail from this hat to be the star of the show.

The best part? This boater style hat was UNDER $20! Yup, that’s right, so keep on scrolling to see where I got it from!


Hat | T-shirt | Jeans (Similar) | Shoes

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Ana Molina

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