New Hair For Fall!

Nothing beats the feeling of getting a new look!

At least once a month I’ve been thinking about cutting my bangs. If you guys follow me on Instagram I’m sure you’ve seen me asking on a poll if I should do it or not. And every single time the majority of my followers vote for no. I feel like bangs come with a stigma of un-cool girl, sort of like… only 4-year old kids get bangs. But, as you can see from this post, I decided to finally do it!

And let me tell you, I’ve never felt more confident! This is the final touch that I needed to complete my new style, I finally get to dress the day I wanted to (even though it’s not what all trendy girls do on Instagram), I finally get to wear bangs like I’ve always wanted to (even though I don’t think I know a single person in my life that wears bangs).

It also makes really happy to not be a part of the thousands of girls in Los Angeles with the same “soft beachy wave, middle part” hairstyle. I love being different!

So last Saturday I decided to take the plunge and visit my girls at The Glam Collective @theglamcollective. My favorite salon in the LA Area. They are located in Bellflower but let me tell you, it is SO worth the drive. I go to Silvia @blushandbrushbysilvia and she has literally transformed my hair. When she was cutting my bangs we were joking about how she has magical hands, but she actually does! When I first started going to them my hair was all black, shine-less, dull, literally the worst it’s ever been! After getting different treatments with them, bond builder, Brazilian blowout, you name it! And chopping some dead hair, adding a subtle balayage, highlights, etc. My hair looks healthier each time I go with her! At this moment, I can confidently say that my hair has recovered 100% from the damages from numerous chemical treatments over the years. I really wish all of  you guys could touch my hair so you can see for yourself how soft it is! I would never trust anybody else with my hair except Silvia!

Let me know what you guys think of this look!


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