Summer Whites

Nothing better than wearing an all white outfit during the summer. I will definitely be missing this going into the Fall and Winter.ย 

I don’t think I recall wearing an all white outfit previous to embracing this whole new minimal style.ย  As a matter of fact, I actually donโ€™t think I owned any white jeans before this. I think wearing an all white outfit gives out a certain vibe of I am a mature, grown woman who has her life together and wears an all white outfit. (I hope you guys understand what Iโ€™m saying here)

I partly think this is because itโ€™s very hard to keep an all-white outfit clean. So with this, comes a feeling of: yes, I am a grown woman and I know how to keep my clothes clean. But to be honest, I still get dirty all the time. (I started carrying some wipes with me and this has been life changing)


If youโ€™re not into this whole all-white theme, I also have this second look for you that gives the same vibe but using some off-white colors.


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Ana Molina

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