Comme Une Parisienne

Since I am so obsessed with this whole “french girl style” thing. I decided to share some tips on how to be “Comme Une Parisienne”. 

That’s french for “Like a Parisian” (but I’m sure you already got that). These are my personal notes that I’ve made through the last couple of months, so just know that everything in here is just my humble opinion. If you guys have any tips on how to get that French Girl Vibe, please feel free to leave them in the comment section as well!

1. Minimalist Wadrobe

This is my favorite part of the French Girl Vibe. The way the dress is just so effortless. Jeans are such a staple in getting that FGV and there is nothing else I love more than some nice fitting pair of jeans. Minimal clothing is key for this as well, simple colors: black, beige, white, grey. A little red polka dot dress. etc. Less busy, more minimal. I also feel like French Girls have a lot of “grown up” clothing pieces. Like formal shirts, dressy pants and a classic pointy toe shoe. They’re all about being a woman and dressing like one. But since it’s all in a minimal-effortless style, you will still look cool and trendy.

2. Effortless Hairstyles (Bonus points: Bangs!)

If theres one thing I can confidently say is that French Girls are all about natural hair. This is something I noticed a huge difference when comparing them to LA girls. Girls here have the same beach wave, middle part, balayage hair and God forbid they show their natural hair. French girls, on the opposite are know for barely doing any updos and barely styling it. It’s all about that natural, semi-wavy look. And as always, bangs are the ultimate bonus to make you look french.

3. Minimal Makeup 

I was just reading an article on Vogue about how French girls are embracing their dark under eyes and how we should be doing the same thing too.  And I could’t agree more. I used to never leave the house without full coverage foundation and 6 months ago I started wearing this skin tint from First Aid Beauty. Now every time I wear heavy foundation I feel so strange because my face looks too “perfect” it’s weird. Trust me, you should try this. You will get used to seeing your face without so much coverage that it will become more and more normal to look at your natural skin. In case that you are going out and wanting to do a little more dramatic makeup, just do a little red lip action, some mascara and done! This is as far as your makeup should go.

So now that we covered outfits, hair and makeup, I think we can all agree that French girls are all about being natural. I love the idea of living a simple lifestyle, not worrying about looking “perfect” and enjoying life and its little moments like sitting outside a coffee shop with a croissant. I’m excited to adapt more of these tips into my everyday life and fight the urge to wanting to be up to par with every girl in LA with their perfect hair, caked face and big eyelash extensions.



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2 thoughts on “Comme Une Parisienne”

  1. I didn’t know I loved this style until just now! You’re definitely nailing it too, I love the minimalistic approach they take to clothes and how natural everything is, I’m sure it also makes getting ready in the morning heaps easier haha x


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