How I Moved to LA Through Power of Attraction

I’m feeling very lucky to live in this city. 

“We live in a universe that responds to what we believe” I mean, is this not the best thing you’ve ever heard? This basically means that it doesn’t really matter at all how far you are from where you want to be. All it takes is you believing that your wildest dreams can come true, I’m talking money, love life, career, etc. Four years ago when I was a nobody living in Mexico, I would’ve never imagined that I could live in Los Angeles and, on top of that, be an Influencer. I mean I was literally as far as possible from that reality. But yet it happen and you know why? Because I believed in the power of attraction🌎

I literally remember having a Conversation with my friends back home in Mexico. They were concerned because I seemed to fixated into the idea of moving to Los Angeles and making a new life out there that they felt I was loosing touch with reality. They asked: “Have you ever thought of what will happen if you don’t move to Los Angeles? Have you thought of what you are going to do with your life in Mexico if you say?” My response was simple yet powerful. “No, because IT IS going to happen, there’s no way around it”.

It takes a lot of faith in order for the power of attraction to become effective. But what exactly is “faith”? Faith is believing in the impossible, in the non-exiting, it is believing and trusting the process that impossible things actually CAN happen.

It’s not easy to believe in yourself, it takes a lot of self love. Trust me, I’ve come a long way. But once you do… You are unstoppable.

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