Easiest way to become a French Girl…

OuiPlease will literally deliver all the French essentials at your doorstep.


I stumbled upon OuiPlease on Instagram and immediately fell in love with their concept. Instead of breaking your head researching about how to achieve that french-girl vibe, they deliver it right to your door. The best part? They feature REAL and UNIQUE French Brands. All of the brands I received in this box I’ve actually never heard of. Also, did I mention they’re luxury products?

I am so excited to start incorporating these products into my daily routine and channel my inner Parisienne. I also love how they included products for every category from beauty, home, fashion, jewelry, food, etc. so that you truly are covering every single aspect of your routine!


Starting with this Christophe Robin hair paste, you apply this in the shower and massage it on your roots to give you that perfect voluminous messy french girl hair.


This marvelous candle from Little Marcel. This smells reminds me so much of a grown french woman, it’s sweet, yet fresh. I can’t wait to start lighting this in my room at night and get all the cozy vibes.


This stunning one-of-a-kind pouch from Maradji. Truly luxurious, made with the best materials. I love pouches, they’re great for organizing your purse, carrying personal items or simply using them as a clutch. Love the neutral colors of this, so classy!


This next one is actually pretty funny but I’m so excited to use it. It is, indeed, a kit to make your own baguette. I plan on baking this and then have it with the most delicious charcuterie board and some red wine. Now that’s french!


The prettiest daintiest bracelet. It has a freaking dragonfly, how adorable is this. I love that it’s gold, my favorite jewelry tone and the green accent is just so classy. I love wearing this bracelet, it makes me happy when I look down on my wrist and see it.


OK, I am so incredibly excited to try this product. Anything skincare truly gets me. But if there is something I love more than skincare is French skincare. This is not a commercial so-called French skincare brand. This is a true luxurious brand. It’s a anti-aging serum and I love that it’s made of natural ingredients and not scary stuff like retinol.


And lastly, I was really not expecting this. An actual clothing item. And it’s a stripped black and white french, can it get more french than this? I love that this shirt has a really nice wide scoop neck and it’s from the same brand as that candle I showed above.



And that is it. I am blown away by the amount of quality products that this box comes with. There are so many items, I’m literally covered in every aspect with these french products. They are meant to bring you closer to that French lifestyle. Oh and they also have boxes for men! I mentioned this earlier, but my personal favorite thing about this box is how they include brands that are genuinely French and not just trying to seem like they are French. If you guys know about French products, you might’ve heard that they are all about being natural based ingredients and always the best quality. It’s a great way to get to know new brands.

You can learn more about OuiPlease on their website at: www.ouipleasebox.com and Instagram at www.instagram.com/ouiplease

Thank you so much for reading this blog post, love you guys!



Published by

Ana Molina

Lifestyle Blogger

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