Shiekh Monthly Access Review

I have collaborated with Shiekh to review their brand new styling service called Shiekh Monthly Access.

Hey guys!

Spring is in full swing here in Los Angeles and I’m so excited because this is one of my favorite seasons to experiment with fashion trends. I finally get to wear bright colors and not cover all my outfits with a big coat.

The team from Shiekh reached out to me a few weeks ago sharing all about their brand new service: a subscription service where you get a full outfit every month. Yes, full outfit including accessories and, wait for it… shoes too!

They have several plans starting at $49 a month to accommodate every budget and lifestyle!

I am probably one of the ‘pickiest’ shoppers out there, I am very specific when it comes to the clothing items I like. My style is pretty hard to shop for because I like simplicity with good style. And I got the most “me” outfit from them, I can honestly say I truly love the outfit they sent me. But in case that you get a piece that you don’t love, not to worry because all of their subscriptions let’s you exchange the items you didn’t love to assure you love every single piece.

The way you get started is you take quiz on their website, then you fill out a questionnaire about your personal style, and that’s it! Super simple and they have full flexibility of cancelling whenever you need to without any compromises.

Everything you see me wear in the photos is part of this $49 package. Which if you think about it, that is usually what one will spend on only one piece of clothing. I am always looking for ways to find affordable clothing options and this is an excellent idea since it literally gets delivered to your door and it has been personalized for you!

If you guys are interested in this subscription, definitely check out their social media account for more info: @shiekhstylist . Right now you guys can get $20 off your first product purchase.

I hope you enjoy these outfit photos and thank you so much Shiekh for sponsoring this blog post. It’s truly been a great experience and I would recommend this service. The Shiekh team has been an excellent partner and I truly enjoyed working on this campaign together.



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