Easy & Affordable Bridesmaids Proposal Box

I can’t believe I’m writing my very first wedding related blog post and tbh I want to cry because of how emotional this feels right now…

[As a disclaimer, this blog post only talks about how to put together a cute and affordable Bridesmaid Proposal Box. A “Meet The Bridesmaids” blog post will be coming up soon]



If there is something that you should know about me is that I love the gift giving. (Hence why Christmas is my favorite time of the year) And ever since I started thinking of wedding planning the thing that I was probably the most excited about was putting together my bridesmaids proposal boxes.

I picked 6 of my best friends to be my Bridesmaids, so clearly I had to go for the affordable route since I had to buy 6 of each thing I decided to put in the box. But I wanted to make sure that just because it had to be affordable it didn’t have to stop being special. If you have less than 6 Bridesmaids then this idea will definitely be right under budget!

Also– shoutout to my amazing mom that help me a lot with putting these together.




Starting with the boxes, I bought these at Target from the gift section. Since I had to travel to my home town in Mexico (that’s where my bridesmaids live) I wanted to get boxes that were easy to transport. In some cases, you can buy a nicer wooden box and have the actual box be a gift itself. My mom actually helped me make this confetti, turns out they don’t sell this kind of box-filler-confetti-paper in Mexico. So what we end up doing is buying white and gold paper and used a paper shredder to get the little strips. But in the US you can easily find these at Michaels and Target. I just couldn’t go this route because again, I had to travel. And putting 6 bags of confetti paper in my suitcase would probably not be the most convenient route.


Wedding dress swatches!Β 

My aunt actually gave me the brilliant idea to go to Home Depot and pick up some paint swatches with the color I wanted the bridesmaids dresses to be. This way they can take this swatch to the fabric store and pick the color. It’s easy a completely free! (The filter makes these colors seem strange but I picked a dusty blue for their dresses)


Something Boozy!Β 

This is a bridesmaids box must-have. This could be anywhere from wine, sparkling wine, or champagne. The mini bottles are perfect for this so each girl can have their own. The best part? You all get to make a toast!


But you can’t toast without some glasses! I picked these up at my local 99c store. If you really want to be fancy you can pick up some custom made champagne glasses from Etsy but again, 6 bridesmaids, need to stay under budget! These cups actually end up being too big for my box so I recommend buying a big box haha.


I LOVE candles and I think it’s one of the best things to gift. I bought these at Marshall’s and they were about $3.99 each which is amazing. Plus those DW Home candles are actually really great, I buy them all the time! Ideally, the candle would be the same color of the Bridesmaids dresses but in my case, the one that was closer to the color smelled really bad. I end up picking some neutral scented ones that were still in the blue-ish color palette. I did my research and these candles from Marshall’s are definitely the most affordable for the quality!


Face Masks!

Now this is where you start getting creative with your box. You want to give them stuff that they can also take home and enjoy. This the perfect gift to create this “pampering/spa time” vibe.Β  You don’t want to give some skincare item that is too personal because every skin is different and oh god! you don’t want to make their face break out. The easiest way to make this affordable, in my opinion, is to get sheet masks. They usually come in boxes of 3-6 and sheet masks are really gentle on all skin types so they are versatile.


Lipstick! (Or some fun beauty product)

I know Buxom is not necessarily affordable, but I think a nice lipstick is always a perfect gift. It’s something every girl wears and it’s always nice to have a high end lipstick that you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself. As a disclaimer, I had these lipsticks as PR Gifts so I actually didn’t spend money on it. But I think a nice trendy lip balm could be a great gift as well. Again, you don’t want to get too personal and buy mascara, blush, eyeshadow, etc. That’s why a lip product is the perfect gift.


A Proposal Card.

Well how are you going to pop the question if it’s not with a super cute card?! I found these from Amazon for super cheap and I thought they were super cute. Plus they match the floral arrangements I will be having at my wedding, they were just perfect! This gives the whole box purpose and doesn’t look like any ordinary gift box.


Last but not least… A Ring Pop!

Probably one of the most cliche things to include in a Bridesmaids Box but I think it’s the cutest thing ever! After all… you are proposing to them so there needs to be a ring.

And the cutest part about this? You all get to take a photo like the one below:


(If I had my engagement ring I would’ve posed with it too and it would’ve been even cuter but you know that they say… never travel with your engagement ring!)

I hope this blog post was helpful and you guys got some ideas as to what to include in your Bridesmaids Proposal Boxes.

Stay tuned for some future wedding blog posts!





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