My ONE New Year’s Resolution

Hey everyone, Ana here!

Coming back strong for 2020 with a new blog post.

This time I wanted to be quick and short and talk about my only New Year’s resolution. I thought by picking only one, I could easily stick to it.

The overall goal of what I want to work on 2020 is quite simple: to be more positive. And I could get in depth about why I need this, how my anxiety and fears interfere, etc. But I honestly don’t feel like talking about why I am so negative. Because… that is actually my one resolution:


I basically want to retrain my brain to get used to thinking positive when things go left. By the end of the year I want to be able to automatically think of one positive thing (now matter how small) when I’m in a sucky situation.

So how I am going to do it is really simple. At first I’m going to start by paying attention every time I make a negative comment, I have to counteract by making a positive comment. Let’s say I’m stuck in really bad LA traffic, instead of complaining about it I will state something positive such as: I am so lucky to be able to afford a car and gas.

Eventually the goal is that after doing this for a long time, to not even have those negative thoughts in the first place. And learn to automatically state something positive when I am about to complain about something.

And that’s it! Short and sweet. Excited to dive into this journey and attract many amazing things into my life by constantly sending out positive and gratitude energy into the universe.

Oh and of course, more blogging and youtube videos will always be one of my constant resolutions. Hahaha

Talk soon,


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Ana Molina

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