My Dream Wedding

Hi, hello, ok wow… this one is definitely going to be a tough one to write.

There are so many things I want to write and talk about for wedding day. I have so much to cover from my dress, to makeup, decor, advice, dos and don’ts, etc.. So I decided maybe it’s best if I break it down into 3 main categories. Those will be: Wedding recap, dresses (mine and bridesmaids) and decor.

So for this post, I will be doing a recap of our dream wedding!


Chase and I got married on November 15, 2019 in Guadalajara, Mexico. (In case you didn’t know I grew up in Guadalajara and moved to Los Angeles in 2014). We hired a wedding planner but I had full control of the aesthetic and ideas for the wedding. Having a planner was probably the best idea given that we live in Los Angeles. Although we did have to fly to Mexico for the dinner tasting. (Fun fact: I actually ended up flying there 3 times because we tried 3 different catering services before we found the right one).

We decided to do a civil wedding ceremony for many reasons. The main one being that Chase grew up Christian and I grew up Catholic. Also, it’s very expensive to get married in a church so I definitely wanted to save that money and spend put it towards flowers and decor. We also decided sort of last minute to no have vows, mainly because I was having so much anxiety thinking about saying vows in front of so much people. And if there is something I have learned from going to therapy is to remove myself from situations that will trigger my anxiety. Chase also believes that vows are overrated. So it worked out perfect!


After our ceremony we had a little Cocktail Hour. Which, let me just give you a heads up: if you plan on doing this before the reception; get ready to be busy, busy, busy during cocktail hour. I spend the entire hour and a half saying hi to all of our guests. At this point in the wedding I was so overwhelmed (in a good way). After all, I had just finished with the most emotional ceremony, being super nervous standing in front of a crowd but also super excited because I just got married. So I never really got a chance to let all those emotions sink in before I had to greet everyone. Spoiler alert: you don’t really get a chance to let all the emotions sink until the next morning.

The great thing about our venue is that we had the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and party all in the same place. The place is called Casa AmΓ©ricas and it was the most perfect venue. We had about 170 ish guests so I wanted to find a venue that was on the smaller side and this one was just perfect. My only requirement for the venue was that I wanted it to have lots of trees and greenery. This one was absolutely perfect because the ceremony and cocktail hour was in a little grass area and on the opposite side of the venue, it had a paved roofed area. Perfect for dinner and reception.


The hostess then started calling people to sit down and Chase and I got to wait in a little private room that the venue had. This little moment was so nice because we were just reunited for the first time since the ceremony. (We spent all Cocktail Hour apart greeting our respective guests). We were there for about 30 minutes while they finished sitting everyone down and then it was time for our big entrance.

Our reception entrance was one of the things I was the most nervous about as well. If you can’t tell by now, I really don’t like being the center of attention but turns out that’s what weddings are all about! lol. But happy to report it went well, I didn’t trip and it went by fast. Plus once we walked in and all of our guests started cheering it felt so magical. After our entrance we sat down and then dinner started! (Probably my favorite part). Ever since the tasting I was dying to eat the food again, and still to this date, it’s been probably the most delicious dinner I’ve had. From the appetizer to dessert, it was all so delicious.


During dessert, my parents and brother made a toast. Champagne was served to all the guests and we got ready for the dances. I first danced with my brother, then I danced with my dad and after that it was time for our first dance. Out of all the dances, surprisingly the one I was the most comfortable about was my first dance with Chase. After all, I forced him to practice with me in our living room so we already had it all planned. I highly recommend practicing your dance beforehand. For me it worked out perfect because I was able to focus in the moment and be present. Since we had practiced this for a couple months, dancing came natural and I didn’t have to worry about it.


(Look a those little floating candles, I still can’t get over how dreamy this looks!)


And after our first dance, we immediately opened the dance floor for everyone else to join us and the rest is history.  This is the part that truly flies by. I remember thinking how on earth am I going to be up until 4am on my wedding day?! (If you know me, you know I’m a grandma that likes to be in bed by 10pm and never goes out. If I do go out I am home by 1am latest but that rarely happens). So make sure you enjoy every second of it. It went by fast but I am not sad about it, my wedding was seriously the best party I’ve been to. My favorite part is that for the firs time I knew everyone on the dance floor. All my friends and family were there. Now that I am looking back at our photos from the party I realize how great, yet weird (in a good way) it was to have my grandmas, brother, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends from LA, childhood best friends, etc. all together dancing and celebrating.fb2e64_5bc725f2311b46a0b66fa36b1bdbf169mv2fb2e64_34be17d2eca94374a589119944588ec5mv2fb2e64_48b771d375bc43a48d1f7b5514d60fe6mv2fb2e64_6cb1ee6a615a425c9a2434c13c681023mv2fb2e64_56c66cc017ca4b11b823c3be0bf54ba9mv2fb2e64_3874948ce60e4a49b54f17566b0319a9mv2

Before I noticed it was already super late and we had forgotten to do the bouquet toss. I quickly rushed to find my planner and we set up everything to do the bouquet toss. Also, it’s a tradition in Mexican weddings for all the women at the party to get in a conga line while the bride and the groom stand in two chairs and pour alcohol in their mouths straight from the bottle. In this case it was Tequila, duh! We also had a taco food truck come in at around 1am with Tacos al Pastor and Quesadillas, so everybody can sober up a little and keep partying. Sadly we remembered about cutting the cake too late. (We had individual desserts and decided to have a small cake just to have the experience). I think it was around 2:00am when we cut the cake so not many guests were around. It was still super fun and in a way it was a more intimate.

fb2e64_bb03507e73c94e718e3b2eb226ca40d3mv2fb2e64_d4d74a03de494f759a26e8f54939b864mv2Clone StampSRR_6844

Aaaaand that’s a wrap! Seriously cannot say it enough: Best. Day. Ever. Wedding planning was definitely a hassle and I had many emotional breakdowns leading up to this. It wasn’t easy juggling a full time job, blogging and this. But the wedding turned out even better than I imagined it. I remember sitting down while eating dinner and looking around and thinking “I can’t believe this is MY wedding”, “I should take photos for wedding inspo”, or “I hope my wedding looks like this”. After endlessly pinning wedding inspo photos, it’s really hard to get out of that mindset. (Btw, you can look at my Wedding Inspo Pinterest board here).

I wanted to end this post by sharing a few tips and advice I wish I had known leading up to my wedding day:

1- Don’t worry about following the typical wedding “traditions”. If there is something that you don’t feel comfortable with, definitely don’t do it. (We didn’t do vows or the garter toss)

2- I was an emotional and nervous wreck during the ceremony and dances. And the truth is, it never went away.  And that’s OK!! You just have to make peace with the fact that, the feeling actually never goes away. Just don’t forget to enjoy the moment and not let you anxiety take over.

3- Focus on having quality over quantity when it comes to guests. I was so worried because in Mexico it’s common to have huge weddings. And while my guest number was small, I was happy I didn’t end up inviting people I’m not really close with just to have a large wedding.

4- Don’t forget to eat, often! I remember people telling me this so much, and I actually didn’t forget to eat. But what I did wrong is I ate too early, so by the time we were having the ceremony I was starving. It was not fun.

And the most important advice (A friend actually texted me this the day of my wedding): ENJOY EACH OTHER! As in you and your husband/wife. So simple but so true, don’t forget that your new hubby/wife is also going through the same. Dance, take shots, be nervous… but do it together. After all, you are life partners now!






Wedding Playlist:

Ceremony entrance:

End of Ceremony:

Entrance to reception:

Dance with my brother:

Dance with my dad:

First Dance with Chase:

Bouquet Toss:

Cake cutting:

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