How to: Bold Pants & Minimal Style

One of the things I struggle with the most is incorporating color into my wardrobe.

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Life Update

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 12.39.54 AMWow, where do I even begin?

Last time I was blogging my life was in such a different place. It’s almost the end of summer and the last post I remember was at the beginning of May. I’m going to majorly bombard you guys with life updates (photos included, ofc!).

First of all, GRADUATION! Yeah… I finally graduated College, I have a BFA in Graphic Design and I even made it to the Dean’s List on my last semester! Whoop whoop! I originally paused the whole blogging thing because graduation was so mentally and physically exhausting that I barely slept the last 3 weeks of school. (The dress that you see in my grad photos in from Zara, how cute is it?!) It was such a fun day, my parents were in town, my family came over and my boyfriend was there too!

Wow, ¿por dónde empiezo?

La última vez que recuerdo que estaba escribiendo para el blog mi vida era totalmente diferente. El verano está a punto de terminar y la última vez que escribí fue a principios de Mayo. Les voy a saturar de información pero quiero contarles cada detalle de mi verano hasta ahorita!

 Primero lo primero, ¡GRADUACIÓN! Así es, por fin me gradué de la Uni, tengo un Bachelors of Fine Arts en Diseño Gráfico y también fui parte de los mejores promedios en mi último semestre. Al principio mi plan de tomarme un descanso del blog era nada más hasta que todo el rollo de graduación terminara pero como que se me pasó la mano un poquito. (El vestido de mi día de la ceremonia es de Zara, ¿apoco no está hermoso?) Fue uno de los mejores días de mi vida, mis papas vinieron de México, mi familia estaba aquí y también mi novio!

IMG_0902 IMG_0903 IMG_0911IMG_0910 IMG_0900 IMG_0857

IMG_0866 IMG_0868 IMG_0874
IMG_0884 IMG_0895 IMG_0875


The day after graduation I was so drunk on the idea of being free to do whatever I want with my life that I decided to pursue one of my biggest dreams… Like seriously, I’ve been watching beauty and lifestyle videos on YouTube ever since I was in high school (8 years ago) and a part of me deep down always wanted to open a channel but I was always too scared to be judged, or made fun of so I never actually did it. But I am so glad I did, I have no regrets! I decided it would be best if my channel was in Spanish since I do have a little bit of an accent when I speak English and I’m so self conscious about it. (Plus I figured the English-Speaking YouTube world is way too saturated) So I went for my native language and I’m having so much fun so far! (PS. Please subscribe!)


El día después de mi graduación decidí abrir un canal en Youtube, desde hace 8 años llevo viendo videos de belleza y todo este tiempo siempre quise abrir el mío. La verdad no lo hacía por pena, es algo raro y pues obviamente mucha gente se va a burlar de ti. Pero estoy tan feliz de que por fin lo hice, soy la más feliz del mundo haciendo videos, me encanta esta nueva etapa! Decidí hacer los videos en Español por que siento que ya hay demasiadas chavas en YouTube que son de Estados Unidos y aparte que es más fácil ser yo misma por que si lo hubiera hecho en Inglés, estaría super preocupada por que no sonara con acento Mexicano que no podría realmente enseñar mi personalidad. (PD. Porfis suscríbete a mi canal)

Birthday & Anniversary

I turned 25 on June 23rd and my 3rd anniversary with Chase also happens to be on my birthday!

Cumpleaños y Aniversario!

El 23 de Junio cumplí 25 años y también en ese mismo día celebré mi tercer aniversario con mi novio, Chase!


Other than looking for jobs, stressing out and crying because no one wants to hire me. I’ve had a couple road trips that were planned at the beginning of the summer. I celebrated my 25th bday and 3rd anniversary by going on a weekend getaway to Santa Barbara with my boyfriend. This trip was quite relaxing and much needed alone time away from our hectic house.

Also, I went to San Diego with one of my closest friend from College and her boo. (Which happens to be one of my boyfriend’s closest friends as well) How fun?! It was like a double-date-trip, I loved San Diego it was so pretty and I had so much fun! Two of my cousins from México came visit for a few weeks so we went to Disney and Six Flags. Also, I had a mini High School reunion with two of my best friends from home!


Aunque la mayoría de mi verano ha sido buscar trabajo como loca, estresarme y llorar por que nadie me quiere contratar. Tuve la oportunidad de ir en unos viajes veloces aquí en California. El primero fue a Santa Barbara y fue para celebrar mi cumpleaños y nuestro tercer aniversario. Este viaje fue super tranquilo, disfruté mucho estar lejos del despapaye que es mi casa.

También fui a San Diego con una de mis mejores amigas de la Uni y su novio. (Que casualmente también es uno de los mejores amigos de mi novio) Ha sido uno de mis viajes favoritos, me divertí y reí como nunca. Me encantó estar rodeada de muy buenas personas y San Diego es taaaan bonito!

Dos de mis primos vinieron a Los Angeles por unas semanas y fuimos a turistear. También dos amigas de la prepa vinieron y tuvimos una mini reunion!

Click on each photo to expand










How To Style a Midi Skirt

In honor of the last weekend before Spring starts I have a style guide for you and it’s all about Midi Skirts! I used to not like these skirts at all, I found them really hard to style since the length is a little more on the conservative style I though there was no way to make them look stylish. But my love for them has been growing and now I’m obsessed with them. So here you go… a style guide on how to wear Midi Skirts!

I decided to pick two different styles, one being a casual normal Midi Skirt in a really pretty burnt brick color and the other a more dressy one, with pleats and metallic texture! To show how both styles can be style for day and night!

I like throwing some white sneakers for al ultimate casual stylish look, honestly any top goes with it but I decided to go with this one since it was colder! This other version of a day look features a more edgy style, I paired the more dressy skirt with a band t-shirt (My go-to casual staple) and some boots. White sneakers could have definitely be a good match for this but I wanted to show more options.

 For the night version of this, some fancy boots and and off the shoulder top! I wouldn’t throw much prints or textures to this since the simplicity of two-tones makes it look formal.  Last but not least my ultimate favorite night time look. I used the same fancy boots from the previous night time look, a leather jacket and a simple white tee. I love the contrast of the leather with the metallic and the pleats form the skirt! I think it’s a little bold but the t-shirt keeps it a little bit neutral and not too crazy.


En honor del ultimo fin de semana antes de que la primera empiece, hice una guía visual de como usar las Midi Skirts. (Estas son las faldas que llegan abajo de la rodilla) Les tengo que confesar que la verdad odiaba estas faldas por que  pensaba que me hacían ver como abuela y no pensé que habría forma de hacerlas ver bonito pero eso es cosa del pasado. Ahora las amo y tengo una obsesión con ellas! Escogí dos estilos diferentes, una normal lisa y otra con unos pliegues y un toque metálico para enseñarte como las dos pueden verse super lindas tanto como para el día y la noche!

  Cualquier look se puede ver super a la moda y casual instantáneamente con unos tenis blancos, siento que cualquier t-shirt le queda a este look casual.  Con unas botas mas elegantes y algún top formal tu look se ve super adecuado para la noche. Personalmente yo usaría una blusa con estampados o textura para que se vea un poco mas sofisticado.

  Para esta versión con la falda poquito mas elegante, use una t-shirt con estampado (las band t-shirts son mis favoritas para hacer un look casual instantáneo) y unas botas. Los tenis blancos también se verían hermosos.

 Por último, my look favorito. Las mismas botas de el look anterior de noche, una chamarra de piel y una playera normal color blanco. Siento que el contraste de la piel y la textura y color de la falda son un poco intensos pero la playera mantiene todo un poco mas neutral.











DW Watch

For as long as I’ve been on Instagram I remember seeing posts about this really elegant, simple and aesthetically pleasing watch. It is the ultimate accessory to make you look put together and professional, plus its very stylish so extra points for that!

Daniel Wellington is probably one of the biggest brands on Instagram and I’m here to show you how pretty is the watch they let me pick! There is nothing quite like their watches and I’m sure we all have seen it around social media. Well let me tell you it’s totally worth the hype, I personally really love watches and I think I developed my love for them through my dad (he is a big watch collector). I learned from him that the best watches to own are the ones that are timeless, elegant and simple (and it’s very true, I bet if you buy a trendy watch you won’t use it two years from now and it was not worth spending all that money). I believe Daniel Wellington watches are truly one of a kind and they would make a great gift, their minimalistic style will definitely suit everyone!

GlossyBox Review!

Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing the very famous GlossyBox and I’m here to tell you if it’s really worth the hype. If you haven’t heard about GlossyBox before, it’s a subscription box that features beauty products even month, from hair, to skincare, to makeup, to literally everything a girl needs in their life! I’m talking about no more runs to the store to get deodorant, or face soap or nail polish! Their regular boxes go from $17.50 to $21.00 depending on what monthly plan you get! And should I mention that each box is valued over $94? Because they’re sending only the BEST brands out there!

This time I’m reviewing their limited edition box, The Ritual of Sakura (Sakura means Japanese Cherry Blossom). An exciting collaboration between GLOSSYBOX & Amsterdam based scent and cosmetic brand Rituals Cosmetics, the collection features 5 full-size products worth over $84 that have been inspired by Eastern traditions.

 I have tried all of them for a few weeks now and I love each and every one, although my favorites are the organic rice body scrub and the showering oil! Everything smells divine and all of the products are full size! You are basically set for a while, and going to smells like a delicious Cherry Blossom! All of these products have a unique quality to them, the oil prolongs your tan, you can use the spray when you do your laundry to give your clothes a nice floral aroma and  the body lotion has Centella Asiatica know for it’s healing properties.

This box goes for $25 for subscribers and $30 non subscribers.

It’s available now and you can get yours right here | Rituals Limited Edition


Hola  todos!

Hoy voy a hablar de el servicio de subscripción GlossyBox. Si no haz escuchado de ellos antes, es una una caja que te mandan cad ames y tiene muchos productos de belleza. El rango de sus productos va desde cabello, maquillaje, cuidado facial, literal todo lo que una mujer necesita! Te aseguro que si te suscribes no vas a tener que ir a la tienda cuando se te acabe el desodorante, o el jabón de cara o esmalte de uñas, etc! Sus cajas cuestan desde $17.50 USD a $21.00 USD depende de que paquete compras. La buena noticia es que cada caja tiene valor de $94.00 USD por que sus productos son de excelente calidad.

Por esta ocasión estaré hablando de su caja de edición limitada, The Ritual of Sakura (Sakura significa Cerezo Japonés) Esta caja es una colaboración con GLOSSYBOX y Rituals Costmetics. Una compañía de perfumes y belleza ubicada en Amsterdam. Esta caja contiene 5 productos de tamaño grande, nada aquí es tamaño muestra. Los productos tiene un valor de más de $84 USD

Llevo usándolos por algunas semanas and me encantan, aunque mis favoritos son el exfoliante orgánico de arroz y el aceite para el cuerpo, que se transforma en jabón. Todo huele delicioso y te van a durar mucho tiempo! Cada producto tiene un aspecto único aparte de su función principal, el aceite hace que te dure tu bronceado y el spray de hecho puedes hecharle a tu ropa en la lavadora antes de empezar a lavar para que te de un aroma flora. La crema de cuerpo tiene un ingrediente, “Centella Asiatica”, que tiene propiedades curativas.

Esta caja cuesta $25 USD para subscriptores y $30 USD para los que no son.

La puedes comprar ahora en este link | Rituals Limited Edition




2017 February Faves

We’re into our third month of 2017 and this only means that I am one month closer to graduation!

Welcome to my monthly favorite series, I have always dreamed of having my own section like this. I am definitely a shopaholic so you can find me constantly shopping throughout the whole year. I get to try new products every month and even re-discover old products that I forgot how amazing they were! I hope you guys enjoy this new series and find it helpful to see what products you might buy for yourself!

Ya estamos empezando el tercer mes de 2017 y esto solo significa que el día de mi graduación se está acercando más y más!

Bienvenidos a mi serie de los favoritos del mes, siempre he querido tener mi propia sección de estas! Soy una adicta a las compras, cualquiera que me conoce lo sabe, así que siempre estoy probando productos y modas nuevas todo el año. Tengo la oportunidad de probar cosas nuevas cada mes e incluso volver a enamorarme de productos que tenía en el olvido.  Espero les guste esta nueva sección y les sirva de ayuda para ver que productos consideran buenos para comprar ustedes mismos!



Joanna Vargas has definitely been my favorite experience from February. I had the chance to get a facial at their location in LA and I am obsessed with their brand. The facial was so amazing, plus Asia Marie (the girl who did my facial) told me so much about my skin that I didn’t know and they gave me these face masks which has helped my skin so so much!

Joana Vargas fue definitivamente mi experiencia favorita de Febrero. Tuve la oportunidad de visitar su salon en LA y me encanta su marca. El facial que me hicieron estuvo increíble y la chava que me hizo el facial, Asia Marie, me dio muchos tips sobre como cuidar mi cara. Me regalaron estas mascarillas que he usado una vez por semana y hacen que mi piel se sienta y vea preciosa!




1. Clarins HydraQuench Cream SPF 15 (get it here)

I was in the look for a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid that was gentle on my skin so the lady at Sephora recommended this, it’s been doing its job and my skin seems to like it.

Estaba buscando una crema para la cara que tuviera ácido hialurónico y encontré esta crema que me la recomendaron en Sephora. Me ha funcionado bastante bien y mi piel no ha tenido ninguna reacción a esta crema.

2. UMA Oils Ultimate Brightening Face Oil (get it here)

I was gifted this mini sample from their line and I really like it, it’s 100% organic and natural. Its helping with getting rid of any discolorations or texture issues on my skin.

Me regalaron esta version mini de su aceite y me gustó mucho. Es 100% orgánica y natural. Me ayuda mucho a hacer que mi piel tenga un tono parejo y también hace mi piel suave al parejo.

3. Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray (get it here)

My favorite skincare item of the month. This rosewater face spray is all you will ever need for your skin in one bottle! It works as a primer, pore tightening, getting rid of redness, you name it!

Mi producto favorito de esta categoría. Esta agua de rosas en spray es todo lo que tu piel necesita en una botella. Lo puedes usar de muchas formas, prepara tu piel para el maquillaje, cierra los poros, quita lo rojo en tu piel, y mucho mas!



I am trying to be a lot more healthier overall and I know the best way to do so is by making it a lifestyle not a “diet”. This month I’ve been trying to incorporate more vegan dishes into my everyday. I have significantly reduced the amount of meat, chicken and fish I eat. I have completely quit two things: diary and eggs.

Estoy cambiando mis hábitos para que sean más saludables y se que la mejor estrategia es convertirlo en un estilo de vida y que no sea solo una dieta. Este mes he intentado incorporar mas platillos veganos en mi día a día. He reducido la cantidad de carne que como y deje de consumir por completo dos cosas: lactosa y huevos.




1. Same brand similar ones here

2. Get it here

3. Get it here

4. Get similar here

Accessories are definitely my favorite fashion piece of the month. I’ve been really into earrings (which I’ve never been before). I still keep my jewelry dainty like I’ve always had, but this time I’m layering them with some chokers of the same color.

Los accesorios han sido mis favoritos en el departamento de moda. Ultimamente me encantan los aretes largos (cosa que antes nunca me gustó). Aún así sigo usando piezas minimalistas, como siempre. Esta vez me fascina como se ven juntos unos aretes largos y delicados con chokers del mismo color ya sea plateado o dorado.



I have been wearing this purse every day since I bought it, if you want to know where to get similar ones check my blog post here.

No he parado de usar esta bolsas desde que la compré, si quieres saber donde puedes comprar unas parecidas haz click en este post.



1. Essence Pure nude Highlighter (get it here)

2. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer (get it here)

3. Foundation Brush (get similar here)

4. Too Faced Hangover Primer (get it here)

5. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (get it here)

This is all I’ve been wearing makeup-wise for February (plus mascara). I’ve been really into a natural bronzy highlighted look and these 5 products are definitely crucial for achieving that.

Estos son los únicos productos de maquillaje que he usado en Febrero (y rímel). El look que me he hecho todos los días es como un bronceado brilloso pero muy muy natural. Estos 5 productos definitivamente son importantes para tener ese look.


The weather is starting to look a lot more promising in Los Angeles. Winter definitely hit us hard this year, it’s been raining like never and I’m starting to forget the last time I saw a clear blue sky. Last week we had a couple days where we were able to soak the sun just for a couple hours so I decided to take advantage.

– Don’t forget that I always have the shopping links at the end of the post! –

This first outfit is very simple but I just wanted an excuse to wear a dress! I decided to go with a casual tshirt + slip dress combo. Some ankle boots and my favorite purse of the moment. I found this purse at TJ Maxx last week, it’s from the brand Elaine Turner. I wasn’t able to find the exact same one online since its probably is from a past collection but I featured links for some similar ones. This slip dress is from H&M and I found it at a thrift store called Buffalo Exchange (AKA mi favorite place) I know they have several locations across the U.S. I really recommend checking it out, you might be living close to one and you didn’t know! The boots are from Forever21 and they were part of their fall line, but any Chelsea Boots will work!

The second outfit is definitely more casual but I featured my current favorite thrift find (also from Buffalo Exchange) It’s a vintage button up velvet shirt from DKNY! I decided to keep the “vintage” style and wore it with some mom jeans from Forever21 that I got last summer. A red bandana tied around my neck for a pop of color and some loafer slip ons! Once again, I wore my favorite current purse, I really wasn’t kidding when I said I was obsessed, it really is gorgeous and I wear it everyday!

Since the shirt is a vintage piece I tried to feature some similar ones, I had a hard time finding button up velvet shirts but I found some affordable alternatives for velvet tops that I would’ve totally worn with this outfit!


My Valentine’s Day! 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope everyone had an amazing day celebrating with your loved ones. I had a very special Valentine´s Day this particular year, my boyfriend decided to cook dinner for us. He is hands down one of the best cooks I know. He’s been experimenting a lot around the kitchen lately and oh man… he can make some GOOD dishes.

 We decided to split the chores, I was in charge of decorating the table and he was in charge of the food. I tried to offer helping with something else but he insisted he wanted to do all of the cooking! Our dinner date consisted of a 4 course meal, and may I mention how much detail he put into every single thing that came out of the kitchen, from the beverage pairing, to plating. I’m so lucky to have him in my life!!

 So now I’m going to walk you through all of them (pictures included, obviously)

 He first brought some “California Champagne” for us to enjoy while I waited for the first plate to come out

 After that he brought this dreamy cheese platter! (Cheese platters are my favorite thing in the entire world, unfortunately I don’t eat them much because I’m lactose intolerant and also strong cheeses usually give me migraines. So it’s very special when I do get a chance to enjoy one). I honestly don’t remember the name of the cheeses that we had but I know he did a soft, medium and hard. He also added some spreads like fig jam, mango-apricot jam and a balsamic glaze. Cheese & champagne definitely make a great combo!

 Second came the salad. It had spinach, brussels sprouts, goat cheese, mini heirloom tomatoes and some homemade vinaigrette. This also was meant to be eaten with the champagne.

 After the salad we had the main dish which I absolutely loved! It was filet mignon with sautéed mushrooms on top, baked mini assorted carrots and “teeny tiny”squashed baked potatoes. He also included some A1 and Chimichurri sauce on the side. He paired this meal with a Brown Ale.

And last but not least… dessert!

I was so excited when I saw that he made not one but two desserts! One of them was a chocolate lava cake and the other one was CRÈME BRÛLÉE! He made it all by himself, it was also his first time making crème brûlée and it was pure perfection!! He paired this last course with my favorite beer, Le Petite Fox. It’s a sour beer that we get form a local brewery here in California. I loved the contrast of having two really sweet desserts and the sour beer to tone it down!

 And that concludes our Valentine’s Day dinner date! I’m such a happy girl and really appreciate what my boyfriend did for us! He mentioned he was excited for me to share his dishes with the internet world, it’s honestly the least I could do for him! Such an amazing night that I will always remember.

 I wonder what we should do next year… It’s going to be hard to top this one off.

My February Ipsy Bag!


I’m doing this new thing where I will feature my monthly subscription Ipsy Bag for you guys to see what I get and hopefully it will help people who are still deciding whether it’s worth it or not.

I personally subscribed to Ipsy because its one of the most affordable subscriptions out there! Being in college and having to pay for many monthly things (Spotify, Hulu, Netflix, Adobe, etc) can easily add up! This is why I decided to join Ipsy. I definitely think that no matter what you get in your bag every month, it’s value is always more than $10 which is what it costs.

Now, I gotta be honest… there are times where I don’t like most of the items I get in my Ipsy bag but the months that I get pretty cool stuff definitely makes up for it!

This is what I got for the month of February:

 Rosa Noir Hand & Body Milk: If there’s something that you should know about me is that I’m obsessed with hand lotion. Seriously, I have a large collection and you will never find me without some in my purse. So I’m really happy I got this in my bag, hand lotion is always welcomed! The scent is a little too sweet for my liking but I will for sure still use it anyway.


Elizabeth Mott Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer: This was one of the things that definitely disappointed me this month, the size of this bronzer is definitely way to small and I can already see myself struggling to get it all over a big bronzing brush. I’m going to use is as an eyeshadow instead! This would be a really pretty everyday crease shade, will definitely bring a little “something” to your eyes without being too much (which btw is one of my favorite looks)!

 Nyx Butter Lipstick in Lifeguard: I love NYX cosmetics and I also really like their butter lipsticks! I’m still deciding if I like this particular shade or not, it’s a really pretty color but being a butter lipstick they don’t have a full coverage so for me it looks like “you were wearing some red lipstick 5 hours ago and it’s time to reapply” even-though you just put it on. I should try experimenting more with this but I definitely would’ve appreciated a more neutral shade!

 Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in $12 Latte: Nail polish is always welcomed in my life. I do my own nails all the time but I constantly struggle with chipping. Even OPI and other nicer brands would chip on me so we’ll see about this one!

 Luxie Rose Gold Blush Brush 514: This brush is sooo soft. I’m definitely a makeup brush hoarder so this definitely was one of my fav items! Not sure if I’m going to end up using as a blush brush since I like my blush brushes to be completely round but I will definitely find a new use for this one. (If you have any suggestions on how to use this one let me know)

And that concludes my Ipsy bag haul! This month was OK, I was really excited to get the brush and hand lotion. The rest was meh… something that I recently discovered about Ipsy is that you can go on their website and review the items you got so they can make sure you only get items you love! The more feedback you give them the better your Ipsy bag will get!

Floral Embroidery

I’ve been in the hunt for some rose embroidered jeans for the past two months and I finally scored the perfect pair!

Zara is having their anual sale, I’ve been such a fan of this event ever since I was living back in Mexico. There has never been a year where I pass on the amazing deals! After a whole winter break of non-stop looking for the perfect pair of these trendy jeans, I found them!

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 10.23.03 AM.png



But this embroidered trend doesn’t have to stop here, I’ve seen tons of clothing items with them. It’s such a good way to have an accent piece in a sophisticated way.

Here are a couple that I have my eye on (shopping links are at the end of the post).



I’m so happy with my jeans and relieved that I can stop looking for them. Now I gotta get myself some of these featured items to complete my embroidery collection! What do you guys think?





Top *Similar* (I got it form Zara but it’s no longer on the website):

Purse (Same model, different style):


Denim Jacket:



Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful winter break. I’m still feeling that post-Christmas blues but I’m happy to be back in Los Angeles. This winter break I was lucky to spend it in the south visiting my boyfriend’s family! I had so much fun and definitely wasn’t ready to leave just yet but we all gotta go back to reality at some point!

This online shop, Zaful, reached out to me earlier in December to offer some of their clothes so I’m very excited to share with you guys what I picked! Their clothes have such great quality and kept me really warm in the cold southern winter!

(Check the links at the bottom of this post to buy the featured items!)

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 2.16.43 PM.png

I’ve been wanting a nice quality suede jacket for the longest time but they all seem to be thin and I wanted something that would keep me warm. I though why not give this one from Zaful a chance and I’m so glad I did! It’s thicker than all the ones I’ve seen, definitely my new go-to jacket!


Another favorite that I picked from their website is this Leopard Faux Fur coat! I’ve had my eye on this one for a while but I wasn’t sure if I was going to use it enough to where it was worth to invest in one. So when Zaful contacted me, it only made sense to get it then! And you guysssss… IT’S MY FAVORITE COAT!


I’ve found that I actually use it a lot more than I thought I would. I wore it almost every day, it’s so warm and it feels like you’re wearing a blanket. Plus doesn’t it look so stylish? Everyday that I wear this, at least one person compliments this coat! This girl approached me in the bar asking where I got it from, the lady at the grocery store, even an old man told me it was a beautiful coat! (It’s also very affordable).

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 2.26.31 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-06 at 2.27.02 PM.png



Suede Jacket:


Leopard Coat: