Sephora Sale 2020 Faves

It is once again time to round-up the Sephora items I’ve been loving! Continue reading Sephora Sale 2020 Faves

My ONE New Year’s Resolution

Hey everyone, Ana here!

Coming back strong for 2020 with a new blog post.

This time I wanted to be quick and short and talk about my only New Year’s resolution. I thought by picking only one, I could easily stick to it.

The overall goal of what I want to work on 2020 is quite simple: to be more positive. And I could get in depth about why I need this, how my anxiety and fears interfere, etc. But I honestly don’t feel like talking about why I am so negative. Because… that is actually my one resolution:


I basically want to retrain my brain to get used to thinking positive when things go left. By the end of the year I want to be able to automatically think of one positive thing (now matter how small) when I’m in a sucky situation.

So how I am going to do it is really simple. At first I’m going to start by paying attention every time I make a negative comment, I have to counteract by making a positive comment. Let’s say I’m stuck in really bad LA traffic, instead of complaining about it I will state something positive such as: I am so lucky to be able to afford a car and gas.

Eventually the goal is that after doing this for a long time, to not even have those negative thoughts in the first place. And learn to automatically state something positive when I am about to complain about something.

And that’s it! Short and sweet. Excited to dive into this journey and attract many amazing things into my life by constantly sending out positive and gratitude energy into the universe.

Oh and of course, more blogging and youtube videos will always be one of my constant resolutions. Hahaha

Talk soon,


It’s Fall Y’all! 🍁🍂

Fall has officially started in Los Angeles. It is one of my favorite (if no my favorite) seasons. The temperature starts dropping, and that means only one thing: time to get cozy!

Picture this: it’s a Sunday afternoon, you’re at home, cooking your favorite fall soup, wearing the cutest loungewear set, wearing the comfiest shearling mules, a fall scented candle is burning. It really doesn’t get any better than this. At least for me.

My new Cougar shoes could have not arrived in a more perfect moment. For me it’s all about being comfortable, whether you’re dressing up or just lounging at home. And with my Pronya Shearling Mules, you don’t have to compromise looks for comfort. 

These shoes not only work great for being indoors, they are also waterproof and have a thick, anti-slip EVA outsole. Makes them perfect for going outside. 

While it doesn’t rain much in Los Angeles, it’s good to know the comfiest shoes in the world will have your back. Making them perfect to take strolls around the neighborhood, walking my dog, or walking to my favorite coffee shop for a Pumpkin Spice Latte. (Yes, I’m one of those girls).

I decided to style my new shoes with creamy, off-white, light tones. Since these shoes make me feel like I’m walking on clouds, I wanted to make sure my outfit also feels like it. I am a sucker for loungewear sets but always struggle to find shoes that could go well and match the cozy vibes. Needless to say, I found the perfect solution to my problem. 

Don’t forget that there is absolutely no need to ever compromise being uncomfortable because you want to look cute. Just know that they are ways to look chic and enjoy what you’re wearing. So with that being said, never taking these shoes off! 

You can shop me new shoes here.  (They are tts, wearing a size 7 in the color Camel).

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Cougar Shoes. All opinions are my own.



Quotes from Rupi Kaur

I’ve never liked reading books, I still don’t enjoy them. But I have been loving Rupi Kaur’s poetry. It’s become part of my routine to dedicate at least 30 min. to read some of her work before going to bed. It makes me feel calm and at easy. I’ve never really discovered poetry books until a friend recommended them and I really enjoy scrolling pages through short verses, a new way of enjoying reading or me. I forgot how great it feels to disconnect from the world and focus on the words printed in front of you.

Here are some of my favorite inserts from Rupi’s books: